Workshop theme: Towards a Jurisprudence of Implementation of Environmental Law

Opening comments and outline of the day:

Conveners: Melissa Powers & Willemien Du Plessis

Theme 1: Enforcement of environmental law

  • Le Roy Paddock and Molly Masterton, USA: Private Environmental Enforcement: Using Supply Chain Requirements to Help Assure Better Environmental Outcomes
  • Greg Rose, Australia: Marine protection treaties in Antarctic waters: Fragmentation or coordination in environmental treaty implementation?
  • Grant Pink, Australia: Regulators, networks and scholars: individual and collective roles and contributions towards implementation of environmental law.

Discussion: What are the prerequisites for effective implementation, and to what degree can (or ought) research of the design and implementation of environmental law be refined to account for such matters? What research, or research collaborations, might be useful to improve enforcement efficiency and effectiveness?

Theme 2: Human relationships and the various means implementation of environmental governance

  • Cameron Holley, Australia: Implementing Environmental Law and Collaborative Governance.
  • Gloria Estenzo Ramos, Philippines: Engaged Citizenry for Effective Implementation of Environmental Law in the Philippines.
  • Meinhard Doelle and William Lahey, Nova Scotia: Putting the Train of Environmental Protection on the Right Tracks: Nova Scotia’s Experiment in Using Law to Strengthen Environmental Law
  • Javier de Cendra, Spain/UK: The fight against ship-source pollution: a reflection on the effectiveness of instrument mixes in EU and Spanish law.
  • Seita Romppanen, Finland: The Role and Relevance of Private Actors in EU Biofuel Governance.

Discussion: How might environmental law scholarship foster innovations in implementation, including new approaches to community engagement and community partnerships, or actions by concerned communities? What research, or research collaborations, might be useful around human relationships and effective implementation of environmental law?

Theme 3: Institutional arrangements for the implementation of environmental law

  • Trevor Daya-Winterbottom, New Zealand: Mind the Gap: the public policy cycle and the failure to implement.
  • Paul Martin and Donna Craig, Australia: Accelerating the Evolution of Environmental Law through Continuous Learning from Applied Experience.

Discussion: What are the institutional challenges that impede effective implementation, and to what degree ought (or can) legal scholarship address these issues? What research, or research collaborations, might be useful to improve the effectiveness of environmental law institutions?